Discover Our 2024 and 2025 Events!

More Than Just the Artichoke Festival

The Artichoke Festival is proud to unveil its exciting calendar of events for 2024 and 2025. More than just the celebrated Artichoke Festival, it offers a diverse range of experiences for the community to enjoy.


2024 Events

Artichoke Festival 2024 (June 8th and 9th)

The Artichoke Festival is back with a fantastic theme:

“Artichoke Festival: Where Fun Blossoms”

Experience a culinary adventure, music, wine tasting, and more!

Friday Night Comedy:

Start the festival weekend with laughter! Friday night will feature a comedy club with hilarious performances that will leave attendees in stitches.

Prince Tribute Band:

Don’t miss out on the Prince Tribute Band Appearance.

Golf Tournament
(August TBD)

Stay tuned for details about our upcoming golf tournament.

The Artichoke Festival is excited to bring this incredible lineup of events to the community.

These gatherings promise unforgettable experiences and opportunities for local businesses to show their support.

2025 Events

Bocce Ball Extravaganza

Details coming soon!

Artichoke Festival 2025

Mark your calendars for another fantastic year of artichoke celebrations!

Golf Tournament

Stay tuned for details about our upcoming golf tournament.


Darren Carter

Justin Rivera

The Artichoke Festival is thrilled to announce its latest addition, the “Thistle Be Funny” Comedy Show, taking place on Friday, June 7, 2024. This unique evening promises to blend humor and magic, featuring performances by renowned comedians Darren Carter, Justin Rivera, and K-Von. The event is set to offer an unforgettable experience, providing a perfect blend of laughter and entertainment.

Visit Comedy Show to learn more!


Red Corvette
(A Tribute to Prince)



Banda Imperial de San Jose CA

Mariachi Estelar


Visit Entertainment to learn more!

David Pasculli

Owner and Chef, Sammich’d

Brandon Miller

Owner and Chef, Paella LLC

Mike Fischietti

The Pocket

Kurt Boucher

Executive Chef, Montrio

Sarah Cook

Owner and Chef, Café Carmel

Chava Hernandez

Senior Sous Chef, Rio Grill

Tony Baker

Owner and Chef, Baker’s Bacon

Jeffrey Walker

Executive Chef, Tarpy’s

Visit Chef Demos to learn more!

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Artichoke Coaster

Artichoke festival artichokes

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