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For the Artichoke Festival, part of our mission involves connecting people together with a unique celebration. Also, it allows us to give back to the community in which we live.

During these rapidly evolving times, connecting people to each other takes on new meaning. In addition, it revolves around the responsibility we have for the health of our committee members, our volunteers, our sponsors, and our festival guests. But most importantly, it involves our core reason for being — the local non-profit community we serve.

First, we connect

As a non-profit organization we want to support the community most in need during these very uncertain times. In conclusion, donations can provide a connection between fans of the festival to the charities from our community that we feel the most connected. As a result, 100% of your donation will be forwarded to the charity you choose. In this way, funds can be funneled directly to those who need it most, without delay.

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The Artichoke Festival Is Cancelled This Year

We are saddened to cancel this year’s Artichoke Festival, but it was only right for us to protect everyone’s safety during this global pandemic. The Artichoke Festival will return next year, June 5-6, 2021. Please consider signing up for our newsletter for the latest news. The Artichoke Festival Committee thanks you for allowing us to follow our hearts and reach out to help others around us during this incredible time. We look forward to seeing you at the Festival in August!

About Your Donations:

Your donation is tax deductible. No portion of the funds will be used for administrative costs. You will receive a receipt from Paypal in your email. Funds will be distributed to the following charities on a monthly basis.

About the Charities We Chose to Donate to:

Monterey County Food Bank – Leading community efforts in the awareness and elimination of hunger in Monterey County. Food Bank for Monterey is the largest and most comprehensive provider of emergency supplemental food. It is a key proponent of anti-hunger education and advocacy in our community.

Manzanita Youth Playground – North County Youth Recreation Area (NCYRA) is a nonprofit organization run solely by volunteers, dedicated to offering a safe environment for kids to be active in sports. Current fundraising activities go toward creation and development of a playground for children of ages 5-14.

Monterey County PAL – provides active involvement and positive influences through leadership training, social development and activities that will help youth reach their potential. This chapter of the California Police Activities League meets at the Japanese Schoolhouse in Castroville.

Meals on Wheels – Salinas – a non-profit agency that delivers nutritious meals to homebound seniors throughout the Salinas Valley who cannot shop or cook for themselves. During the Shelter in Place order, they continue at full capacity, delivering meals to their clients.

Monterey County Agricultural Education, Inc – a non-profit organization of agriculturalists, educators, and interested parties. In dedication to fostering respect and appreciation of Monterey County’s number one industry – AGRICULTURE. It is their mission to bring together and educate urban, rural and agricultural communities.