3rd Annual Artichoke Festival Quilt Challenge Prizes Awarded

With the help of the Valley Heritage Quilt Guild from King City, CA, we had another wonderfully creative and successful Artichoke Festival Quilt Challenge.

Our Quilt Challenge is an amateur show, but that doesn’t mean the work is subpar! We received fabulous designs this year, and enjoyed viewing every entry. Our People’s Choice winners are judged by popular vote during the Festival. You never know what quilt will win—sometimes People’s Choice winners coincide with the Judge’s Choice winners, and sometimes they don’t! Our quilting community loves their hobby with a passion and it shows.

Bag of artichokes
Quilt Challenge display

Wondering how judging a quilt challenge works?

Quilters must pick up a packet containing rules of the competition, an entry form, and a piece of required fabric. All entered quilts are dropped off or sent by mail by their owners, along with the proper entry forms. Each quilt entry is assigned a number and formally entered into the competition. Judging is done early on the first day before the Festival, once the quilts are hung for review. Our judge makes thoughtful comments, both positive and constructive about the design, workmanship, fabrics, etc. for the quilter’s encouragement and improvement.

Quilt Challenge Categories and Rules

Judge’s Choice, Win Cash Prizes – 1st Place $250; 2nd Place $150; 3rd Place $75

People’s Choice – 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place ribbons

The required theme is anything the quilter wants it to be, but must depict at least one artichoke on the front. Contestants must use “some” of the provided fabric and can add as many other fabrics as they like, as well as any embellishments. Each quilt must be 20″ x 20″, have 3 layers and a 4″ sleeve.

We had some great entries! Congrats to all our entrants for submitting such beautifully crafted quilts. We’re looking forward to the wonderful creations 2022 will bring.

Our 3rd Annual Quilt Challenge Judge’s Choice (2021) Winners are:

Linda Garofalo, Carmel, CA Quilt Challenge winner

1st Place – Linda Garofalo

Carmel, CA

Cheryl Murphy, Novi, MI Quilt Challenge winner

2nd Place – Cheryl Murphy

Novi, MI

Christine Beach, Pacific Grove, CA Quilt Challenge

3rd Place – Chris Beach

Pacific Grove, CA

Our 3rd Annual People’s Choice (2021) Winners are:

Christine Beach, Pacific Grove, CA Quilt Challenge

1st Place – Chris Beach

Pacific Grove, CA

Alexandra Tsubota, Torrance, CA Quilt Challenge winner

2nd Place – Alexandra Tsubota

Torrance, CA

Karin Martin, Chico, CA Quilt Challenge winner

3rd Place – Karin Martin

Chico, CA