What do you get when you put an artichoke, a stalk of Brussels Sprouts, with a head of broccoli and asparagus spears? Depending on your vision, anything from a wacky looking sea otter to a zany take on a tractor. AGRO Art, a three-dimensional fruit and vegetable sculpture contest, is a statement on just how creative veggie lovers can be.

The competition happens on Saturday only. In front of cheering festival fans, competitors will have three hours to complete their unique creation on site.,

Contestants put their most imaginative talents to the test in this free activity as they go lettuce head to lettuce head for some of the $6,500 prize money. Competitor categories include — Adult, individual and team; High School, grades 9 to 12, individual and team; Middle School, grades 7 and 8, individual and team; and Grammar School, grades K to 6 individual and team; and Professionals, chefs, florists and artists. The only experience needed is imagination and resourcefulness.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis so get yours in early. For registration information visit The ARGO-Art

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