Vineyard Oasis

The Artichoke Festival hosts two days of tastings from California wineries from as far as Santa Barbara to Grass Valley, and Santa Cruz to Lodi.

Our Vineyard Oasis offers guests over 21 a place to sip and unwind in a lovely outdoor setting, visit with the vintners, purchase bottles and cases from the wineries, and even enter a raffle on site for a chance to win a barrel full of wine to enjoy all year long!

Entry passes for Adults: $25 per person

Must be 21+ yrs, pass does not include general admission. Purchases will be held for pick-up when festival goers are ready to leave the event.
(Please plan ahead, children are not permitted in the Wine Tasting area.)

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as we’ll be updating our 2024 list of vintners prior to the Festival in June.

If you are interested in becoming a Tasting Vendor, please register at the link below:

Wine Tasting Vendor Application

Tasting Vendors must bring and know:

  • Bring enough wine to sell for both days.
  • Make sure your paperwork is completed with product list, CA seller’s permit, ABC permits Types 02 and 81, COI’s, and City of Monterey License to Do Business.
  • You must be set up at your assigned table Friday before 1pm.
  • Bring your own bags, pens, wine openers, paper towels, business cards
  • Event provides dump buckets, ice, tables and tablecloths, your name on a sign, security, and volunteers to help.
  • We are working on special hotel pricing but always make sure you have a room booked way in advance.
  • If you have a hand truck or cart please bring it.
  • Phone charger and way to charge sales.
  • Bring a phone charger and way to charge sales. We will have outlets for phone chargers, etc.

Why this is the best event for wineries:

  • FREE TABLE ($100 deposit holds table space, refundable upon attendance)
  • Only a small fee to City of Monterey, about $40
  • You can sell your wine, and sign people up for your wine club
  • Location – Monterey Fairgrounds
  • Thousands of people attending
  • Large room with tables, tablecloths, dump buckets, ice etc…
  • Glasses provided by Artichoke Festival
  • Wine Tasting area is for wineries only, no one under 21 permitted
  • Free advertisement on web site
  • Volunteers will be there to help both days.

We are asking everyone if they would please donate 2 bottles for the raffle. This is a big help to the festival.

I have done this event for 8 years and it is by far the best event of the year. I have sold as many as 28 cases of wine and many wine club sign ups in the two days. The festival staff is amazing to work with. Fun, friendly, and super helpful.

This event is limited to just a few wineries, and all who get a table are extremely lucky.

Bob Hoffman, Owner of Mountain Ranch Winery


If you are in need of a Business License, please download and fill out this Application.



  • A Wine Tasting pass is good for one day only, wine tasting for one (1) adult (age 21+ with valid ID).
  • The It’s A Date Wine Tasting discount package is good for one day only, admission plus wine tasting for two (2) adults (age 21+ with valid ID.)
  • Each wine tasting pass allows the guest entry into the Wine Tasting area, where they can sample 1 oz. pours from each winery.
  • The paper or digital passes guests receive online, can be traded for an entry wristband at the ID Check at the entry to the Wine Tasting area or at the Event ID Check booth near the Festival entrance. Adults who wish to purchase an entry pass to the Wine Tasting area on site, can also have their ID’s checked in advance at either ID Check point.
  • The Wine Tasting area hours are 12pm to 8pm on Saturday, or 11pm to 5pm on Sunday. (All alcohol service and wine pouring is officially stopped one hour before the close of the Festival.)
  • Wine in glasses, or open bottles cannot be taken outside the Wine Tasting area. Guests who choose to purchase bottles of wine are encouraged to return for pick-up of their purchases just before leaving the Festival.
  • No persons under 21, including small children, will be allowed into the Wine Tasting area at any time. Please plan ahead if children are with you.