This year’s Artichoke Festival theme, “Where Fun Blossoms,” extends beyond the traditional celebration of artichokes, and introduces a very special attraction:


The Culinary Bazaar!


Along with our long-time favorites—artichokes grilled, steamed and in burritos and tacos, we are thrilled to welcome new and exciting taste-masters to the artichoke fold. Chef Todd Fisher and his Bear & Flag Roadside eatery is a highlight of our new Culinary Bazaar, which features a variety of pop-up restaurants in permanent food booths, serving artichoke dishes guaranteed to surprise and delight.


Bear & Flag Roadside

Todd Fisher

Chef Todd’s signature Castroville Artichoke Burgers, plus a new take on a Festival star, Fried Artichoke Hearts with unique Chow Chow Mayo!

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The Butcher’s Pit

Richard Nannie

Artichoke mac & cheese, grilled loaded arti hearts topped with brisket or pulled pork, smoked tri-tip sandwiches, and more.

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David Pasculli

Pork shoulder sandwich with slaw and seared artichokes and artichoke lemon aioli, an artichoke grilled cheese sandwich special for kid’s, and unique sauces.

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The Lumpia Lady

Zeny Windham

Filipino flavors of Adobo and Shanghai chicken or pork with lumpia and pansit, with artichokes, of course.

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Gyro Boys and Pizza

Jr Rodriguez

Greek gyros, the Castroville slice pizza with artichoke hearts, and baklava with a local twist.