The Artichoke Festival Committee is proud to announce the beneficiaries of donations from proceeds of the 61st Annual Artichoke Festival. Each and every beneficiary organization is a deserving non-profit who helped bring the festival to life. ‬The Festival Committee depends on the hard work and dedication of our non-profit friends and they, in turn, deserve our gratitude and support. Please watch the following video presentation to our beneficiaries.

Final list of 2021 Artichoke Festival beneficiaries:

  • Ashleigh Nicole Swain Memorial Scholarship Fund, presenting to NMC High School Art Department
  • Cursillo In Christianity
  • Federación San Pablo de Colores
  • Golden State Elite Cheer & Dance
  • Hope Horses and Kids
  • Marina Lions Club
  • North County Bulldogs Cheer, Inc.
  • North County Recreation and Park District
  • North Monterey County High School Cheer
  • North Monterey County High School Wrestling Team
  • North Monterey County Middle School Library
  • Partnership for Children
  • Rancho San Juan Baseball
  • Santa Lucia Rotary Club of Salinas

With total cash and in-kind donations equaling more than $45,000 for 2021,

As an organization, we are grateful for all the volunteers and sponsors who make our events possible. Our appreciation is deeply felt, and we are honored to be connected to you all!

*UPDATE: We’d like to apologize to one of our beneficiaries, Federación San Pablo de Colores, whose name was incorrectly spelled in our first posting of this video and message as Federación San Carlos de Colores. The spelling is now corrected in this blog post, although we are unable to revise the video at this time. Many thanks to this wonderful group for all their help at our 2021 Festival. We look forward to working with you again in 2022!