What is a Sausage Whisperer? Well, it’s not actually a What, but a Who. And it’s local entrepreneur Butch Francis, head Sausage Whisperer of the Cowboy Sausage and Chili Company. Butch has the unique ability to take sausage making to new heights of flavor which he will share at this year’s Artichoke Food and Wine Festival.

What started as a hobby, morphed into a full-time commitment to make the finest sausage, all natural, handcrafted and gluten-free. His artisan creations use Kurobuta pork infused with Central Coast red wine, Gilroy garlic, Ventana Grenache and even fellow chef demo chum Tony Baker’s Double Smoked Bacon. Salivate much?

Butch Francis is a regular at local farmers markets, where he has built a devoted group of fans who come for the Butch experience and to stock up on Cowboy Sausage.

Look forward to a taste of artichoke and chardonnay sausage and a sprinkling of entertaining tales from the Sausage Whisperer, Butch Francis. Tickets on sale online now.