Chef Beaudin’s  travels have taken him to the Caribbean, China, the West Indies, and Rwanda. His approach to cooking is to merge the flavors of the world with modern American cuisine — including artichokes!

Sampling the indigenous food and cooking in many exotic places, he developed a  passion for local fare, which  has influenced his cooking style, and has made food sustainability a key component of his own culinary creations.

 As the Executive Chef at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Chef Beaudin has built relationships with our local fishermen, ranchers and farmers to maintain the integrity of his raw ingredients. Not one to shy away from hands-on sourcing,  he enjoys raising sheep, duck and goats, on a farm in Hollister, and uses some of the eggs and milk in meals that he prepares at the Aquarium.

 Come see how he makes artichokes the star of his chef demo at this year’s Artichoke Food and Wine Festival. Purchase tickets online now.